Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)

Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)


Craig Mitchell played by Glenn Foster

Starred In Quantum of Solace (2008)


At the start of Quantum of Solace Bond brings Mr White to a safe house in Sienna, Italy for questioning by M. During the interrogation Mitchell, a bodyguard of M, excuses himself to check the perimeter and returns later to say it's all clear. Just after Mr White tells M he has agents everywhere, he looks at Mitchell who shoots the other agents present, and just misses M who dives for cover. Mitchell manages to escape with Bond in hot pursuit.

The pair emerge in the centre of Sienna's Palio Horse Race. Mitchell weaves his way through the crowd, and as Bond gets closer, Mitchell fires a couple of shots to disperse the crowd, killing a civilian. The chase continues along rooftops and the side of a building, before Bond traces Mitchell to the top of an old bell tower, where the two men fight.

Bond and Mitchell then crash through the roof of the next-door building, falling to some interior decorating scaffold below, both dropping their guns. The struggle continues, leaving Bond in a vulnerable situation as his leg gets caught in a rope leaving him upside down. When Mitchell things he has the upper hand after grabbing his gun, Bond manages to scoops up his gun at the last moment, killing Mitchell.


Working for MI6 for eight years, three years as M's personal bodyguard, and with full security clearance and lie detector test each year, Craig Mitchell appears the model MI6 employee. However actually working as a Quantum sleeper agent, Mitchell is called into service when Mr White gives him the nod.

Seemingly quiet and professional, M cannot believe Mitchell's treachery when she scours his apartment looking for clues. Mitchell appears to have a close working relationship with M, as she picks up three previous Christmas presents and personalised ashtray. §


Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)
Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)
Craig Mitchell (Glenn Foster)

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