James Bond 007

"My name is Bond, James Bond". No character in movie history has an introduction as famous as James Bond 007. 2012 marked the 50th Anniversary of the world's most famous secret agent. In the spy mania days of the 1960's no one could have predicted that James Bond would have survived this long. James Bond survived the shock that Sean Connery was leaving the role, the end of the Cold War, the changing periods and political correctness of modern times, to name a few. Critics exclaimed that with the departure of Sean Connery, James Bond would fall apart. The next five actors to take on the famous role would in no uncertain terms prove that James Bond has not fallen by the way side, he is perhaps stronger than ever.

While some would consider the personification of such an important role given to multiple actors impossible, James Bond has thrived on its portrayal by different actors. Each actor has given the character its own unique characteristics adding spice and originally whenever the series was in peril of becoming outdated.

While governments have come and gone, world leaders have stepped into the spotlight and have later faded away - Bond remains. Yes, six actors have played the part of James Bond but the man himself continues; ageless, unstoppable and forever remains a classic. James Bond should be an old man by now, however he will always remain ageless in his thirties or forties, on Her Majesty's secret service, saving the world once more. §

The Bonds

James Bond (Roger Moore)
James Bond (George Lazenby)

George Lazenby
On Her Majesty's Secret Service

James Bond (Sean Connery)