Title Sequences

Created by creative geniuses Maurice Binder, Robert Brownjohn and Daniel Kleinman, a James Bond film wouldn't be a Bond film, without a title sequence. From looking down the barrel of a gun, to all manner of female forms and silhouettes gyrating and acrobating across the screen, to striking imagery all wrapped up together with a rousing title theme, if you didn't know you were watching a Bond film already, you certainly do after you've seen enjoyed the delights of the main title sequence.

A James Bond title sequence wouldn't be nothing at all however without a title theme. Created by talented composers, writers and producers, the title themes have always been sung by well-known or popular singers of the time. Some themes have gone on to become classics, instantly recognisable the world over, where as some can't be forgotten about quick enough, languishing in the unloved pile. Equally the pairing between title and theme hasn't always worked, only adding to the magic when it has.

Throughout the years, the title sequences have seen a variety of styles, moods and technologies used, from optical and in-camera effects, to digital compositing and motion control. Similarly, a diverse mix of artists has enjoyed the fortune and prestige of singing the latest theme. From bold brassy numbers, exotic cues, romantic overtones, to rock and synthesised pop, the themes have catered for a wide audience.

Consequently as such with topics such as the Bond Girls, this has lead to many a 'top 10' or ranking, leading to much debate and controversy as to which titles or themes are the best. Whatever the answer to this question maybe, it's easy to see the affection they have among fans. Lets hope that new artistic directors, singers, composers and writers will continue to inspire with their talents for many years to come. §

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