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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Where is the information on the latest Bond film?

A: As you can imagine, it takes a while to compile all the necessary information for any new films. Also due to legal implications, there is usually a delay from the latest film showing at the cinemas to appearing on the site.

Q: You are missing someone in one of the character sections.

A: While the site does try to be very comprehensive in listing the majority of the characters in the films, I admit that there are some small gaps in some areas. Hopefully these will be filled at some point.

Q: Why aren't there many locations featured, Bond has visited lots!

A: The location section is a fairly new area, and sadly I haven't had the time to add as much information as I would have liked. Consequently this is an ongoing section, where new locations and information will be added over time. Should you have visited a location and have pictures and information like contained on the site, then let me know and I shall take a look!

Q: Can you tell the official companies about my great film, script, artwork, prop or help me audition for a part?

A: James Bond MM is an unofficial website run by someone who has no contact with the official production companies. Consequently it's not possible to pass on your ideas or requests to them I'm afraid. Sorry.

Q: Where are the characters and information from Never Say Never Again?

A: For many years the rights of Never Say Never Again were not in the hands of the official production companies, and so this film was considered 'unofficial'. Now these rights have now been purchased, this information may be added in the future. §

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