M1 Submarine

M1 Submarine


M1 Submarine operated by MI6 crew

Owned by MI6

Featured In You Only Live Twice (1967)


After the pre-title sequence of You Only Live Twice, Bond is taken aboard M's submarine M1. Due to the scale of the threat of war, M and Miss Moneypenny are aboard the submarine already. Bond proceeds to M's office and receives his briefing. After the briefing Bond leaves the submarine by being fired out one of the torpedo tubes emerging at the surface undetected.

At the end of the film, just as Bond and Kissy Suzuki start to get cosy in their inflatable raft, M's submarine appears from beneath them leaving the raft on deck. M then instructs Moneypenny to tell Bond to report immediately, something Moneypenny takes great pleasure in. §


M1 Submarine
M1 Submarine

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