The Neptune

The Neptune


The Neptune piloted by Melina Havelock and James Bond

Owned by Melina Havelock

Featured In For Your Eyes Only (1981)


Bond and Melina Havelock use this small submarine to locate the wreck of the St. Georges. With plenty of on board diving equipment for work at most depths, the Neptune is well stocked for underwater work. After recovering the ATAC and dealing with Aris Kristatos' henchman in the JIM diving suit, they are confronted with Kristatos' mantis submarine.

With no weapons or gadgets to protect it, the mantis arsenal of grappling arms, cutters, drills and other tools, heavily damages The Neptune. However it gains the upper hand eventually when Bond uses its superior propeller power to push and jam the enemy submarine into the hole of the St. Georges, allowing them to make their escape. §


The Neptune
The Neptune

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