The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack

The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack


Produced by David Arnold. Orchestrated and Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

'The World Is Not Enough' performed by Garbage, written by David Arnold and Don Black

Music recorded and mixed at Air Lyndhurst, London, in 1999

Total playing time: 1:08:13 (1999 release)


After the success of the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack, David Arnold returns for The World Is Not Enough soundtrack ». The result is some good tracks, although Arnold's heavy synthesized electronic sound style does start to wear thin after a while. The title theme sung by Garbage flows silkily along ending in a big finish, leading nicely into the excellent 'Show Me The Money' and 'Come In 007, Your Time Is Up'. When he does it right, Arnold manages to concoct hip-happening action tracks which get the adrenalin pumping, which happily these tracks do.

The pace then slows down for 'Access Denied' and 'M's Confession' which are ok tracks, if lacking a certain something. There is an interesting variation in 'Welcome to Baku' with 'Casino' offering a jazzy casino ambient similar to 'Try' from On Her Majesty's Secret Service.

Sadly from here on in the soundtrack goes downhill. The style of the action tracks to follow is too big and brash, and combined with the excess use of electronic wizardry, make it hard going after only a short while. This is especially the case in 'Ice Bandits', 'Going Down/The Bunker' and 'Submarine' that itself is padded filler material.

A definite highlight however is 'Pipeline'. Arnold manages to really produce something special here building up not only action but also a great deal of tension. Sadly 'Caviar Factory' suffers from excesses again, although the later half does redeem itself with the use of the James Bond Theme. There are romantic tones in 'Christmas in Turkey' although it's not overly remarkable. Opinion is divided on the final 'Only Myself to Blame' which offers a smooth jazzy number on the grounds on 'Casino', ending this so-so soundtrack.

Play Listing

The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. There are just two adjustments to made; moving the title theme after 'Come In 007, Your Time Is Up' and moving 'Casino' after 'Ice Bandits' as shown below. §

2. Show Me the Money (1:27)
3. Come In 007, Your Time Is Up (5:19)
1. The World Is Not Enough (3:57)
4. Access Denied (1:33)
5. M's Confession (1:31)
6. Welcome to Baku (1:42)
8. Ice Bandits (3:42)
7. Casino (2:57)
9. Elektra's Theme (2:06)
10. Body Double (3:00)
11. Going Down - The Bunker (6:27)
12. Pipeline (4:15)
13. Remember Pleasure (2:45)
14. Caviar Factory (6:01)
15. Torture Queen (2:22)
16. I Never Miss (3:32)
17. Submarine (10:20)
18. Christmas in Turkey (1:28)
19. Only Myself to Blame (3:39)


The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack
The World Is Not Enough Soundtrack

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