Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack

Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack


Music by David Arnold. Orchestrated & Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

'Tomorrow Never Dies' performed by Sheryl Crow, written by Sheryl Crow and David Arnold. 'Surrender' performed by k.d lang, written by David Arnold

Music recorded at Air Studios, London, in 1997

Total playing time: 53:59 (1997 release)


David Arnold steps into the fray with the Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack ». Arnold has the tough job of trying to fuse together the previous sounds of John Barry but still provide a new and unique style. While this isn't quite achieved in the sense of the same orchestral might and delicate string work in the subtler cues, Arnold prepares Bond to enter the 21st century with new techno sounds in the action cues.

The tense, climatic action tunes pleasingly return in 'White Knight' and 'Underwater Discovery', where 'Company Car' sees a interestingly, almost comical, use of The James Bond Theme. Arnold demonstrates the ability to produce softer cues such as 'Paris and Bond' and 'The Last Goodbye' that compliments the surrounding action tracks.

Highlights include the previously mentioned 'White Knight', the very Bondian 'Surrender' (which some say is much better than the title theme sung by Sheryl Crow) and the fast-paced 'Backseat Driver'. Ultimately Arnold produces a very pleasing all-around good soundtrack that is certainly worth listening to.

Play Listing

The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. There are just two adjustments to made; moving the title theme after 'White Knight' and moving 'Underwater Discovery' after 'Backseat Driver' as shown below. §

2. White Knight (8:29)
1. Tomorrow Never Dies (4:51)
3. The Sinking of the Devonshire (7:06)
4. Company Car (3:07)
5. Station Break (3:30)
6. Paris and Bond (1:55)
7. The Last Goodbye (1:33)
8. Hamburg Break-In (2:52)
9. Hamburg Break-Out (1:26)
10. Doctor Kaufman (2:26)
11. *-3-Send (1:17)
13. Backseat Driver (4:36)
12. Underwater Discovery (3:37)
14. Surrender (3:56)
15. James Bond Theme (3:12)


Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack
Tomorrow Never Dies Soundtrack

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