Octopussy Soundtrack

Octopussy Soundtrack


Music Composed and conducted by John Barry, lyrics by Tim Rice

'All Time High' performed by Rita Coolidge, written by John Barry and Tim Rice

Total playing time: 36:06 (2003 release)


John Barry returns once more to do the Octopussy soundtrack ». The result is sadly a bit lacklustre and disappointing. Rita Coolidge performs the title theme 'All Time High' which generally sets the tone for the rest of this soundtrack. The majority of the tracks are of the slower, softer nature with the occasional action track, although even these seem uninspired.

There is genuine tension in 'Bond Look Alike' and 'Yo Yo Fight and Death of Vijay' that use themes that occur many times throughout the soundtrack. However most of the tracks are repetitive in nature so genuine highlights of the Octopussy soundtrack are sadly few, although 'That's My Little Octopussy' is a nice piece based on the title theme.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the remastered 2003 release. The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. The only adjustment needs to be moving the title theme after 'Bond Look Alike' as shown below. §

2. Bond Look Alike (3:01)
1. All Time High (3:05)
3. 009 Gets the Knife and Gorbinda Attacks (3:09)
4. That's My Little Octopussy (3:26)
5. Arrival at the Island of Octopussy (3:26)
6. Bond at the Monsoon Palace (3:06)
7. Bond Meets Octopussy (3:36)
8. Yo Yo Fight and Death of Vijay (3:47)
9. The Chase Bond Theme (1:59)
10. The Palace Fight (4:34)
11. All Time High (3:02)


Octopussy Soundtrack
Octopussy Soundtrack

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