Licence To Kill Soundtrack

Licence To Kill Soundtrack


Music produced, composed and conducted by Michael Kamen

'Licence To Kill' performed by Gladys Knight, written by Narada Michael Walden, Jeffrey Cohen, Walter 'Baby Love' Afanasieff, John Barry, L.Bricusse and A.Newley. 'Wedding Party' performed by Ivory, written by Jimmy Duncan and Phillip Brennan. 'Dirty Love' performed by Tim Freehan, written by Steve Dubin and Jeff Pescetto. 'If You Asked Me To' performed by Patti LaBelle, written by Diane Warren

Total playing time: 45:37 (2002 release)


Between the great The Living Daylights soundtrack and the poor Goldeneye soundtrack, Michael Kamen's Licence To Kill soundtrack » marks somewhere in between. Things start out well with a good gunbarrel sequence although the rest of 'James & Felix on Their Way to Church' and 'Sanchez in the Bahamas/Shark Fishing' sets the style for the majority of other tracks; uninspiring, dark and monotonous.

Gladys Knight sings the longest title theme in the series (at over 5 minutes) with great aplomb creating an excellent opening for the rest of the film. There is a interesting aside in the form of 'Wedding Party' which acts as good ambient music at Felix and Della's wedding although does seem out of place.

After more lacklustre tracks, one of the few highlights appears in the shape of 'Pam'. Full of Latin spirit, this is perhaps the only softer cue on the whole soundtrack that raises your spirits and awakens your senses. Sadly more monotony follows until perhaps the best track appears in the form of 'Licence Revoked'. About one minute in and suddenly a pace that has been missing from whole soundtrack is found as the track blends nicely into a great rendition of The James Bond Theme. There is a real tension and struggle and you can imagine Bond fighting with Sanchez aboard the moving tanker wagons.

The Licence To Kill soundtrack concludes with the great 'If You Asked Me To' that offers a nice warm romantic feel, a welcome treat after the coldness of the previous tracks.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the 2002 release. While you may prefer to listen to the tracks as they are presented, below is a list of the tracks arranged in the rough order they appear in the film. This is only approximate however, since there are a number of tracks which contain multiple cues within them, meaning that some cues are in the wrong order. Consequently its very much personal preference as to what order you listen to these tracks.

For a more advanced method, an alternative would be to chop up some of the tracks, allowing the cues to be repositioned and put in their proper order. Instructions on how to do this can be found on these forums ». §

6. James & Felix on Their Way to Church (3:54)
8. Sanchez is in the Bahamas/Shark Fishing (2:07)
1. Licence To Kill (5:16)
2. Wedding Party (3:56)
7. His Funny Valentine (3:26)
3. Dirty Love (3:47)
4. Pam (3:52)
9. Ninja (6:04)
10. Licence Revoked (9:10)
5. If You Asked Me To (4:01)


Licence To Kill Soundtrack
Licence To Kill Soundtrack

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