Live And Let Die Soundtrack

Live And Let Die Soundtrack


Music composed and conducted by George Martin. Track 2 performed by Harold A. "Duke" Dejan & The Olympia Brass Band. Track 8 'New Orleans' performed by B.J Arnau, 'Harlem' composed by George Martin, Paul & Linda McCartney.

'Live And Let Die' performed by Paul Mccartney & Wings, written by Paul and Linda McCartney

Music originally recorded at Air Studios, London, in April 1973

Total playing time: 56:30 (2003 release)


The Live And Let Die soundtrack » marks the first time (apart from Dr No) that John Barry does not do the score. George Martin takes on the role and produces a good well rounded score with a style very much suited to the film. The punchy up-beat title theme sung by Paul McCartney & Wings really stands out from previous slower themes such as Diamonds Are Forever and You Only Live Twice.

The flavour of the album is hinted in 'Just A Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line' which erupts into a jazzy exotic feel. All the usual styles of tracks are here, but all with a hint of excitement, funk and exoticism. The tension filled 'Sacrifice', 'If He Finds It, Kill Him' and 'Trespassers Will Be Eaten' (to name a few) have all been jazzed to increase the suspense but also still generate the exotic Caribbean feel.

The adrenalin starts pumping in 'Boat Chase', the out of control feeling grows in 'Bond To New York' and you feel yourself get lost in the rhythm of 'Baron Samedi's Dance Of Death'. All the tracks on this CD offer something different, so a highlight or two is difficult to choose since even the slower tracks offer something.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the remastered 2003 release. While you may prefer to listen to the tracks as they are presented, below is a list of the tracks arranged in the rough order they appear in the film. This is only approximate however, since there are a number of tracks which contain multiple cues within them, meaning that some cues are in the wrong order. Consequently its very much personal preference as to what order you listen to these tracks.

For a more advanced method, an alternative would be to chop up some of the tracks, allowing the cues to be repositioned and put in their proper order. Instructions on how to do this can be found on this forum ». §

15. Gunbarrel/Snakebit (1:31)
2. Just a Closer Walk With Thee / New Second Line (2:15)
1. Live and Let Die (Main Title) (3:12)
16. Bond to New York (2:47)
4. Whisper Who Dares (1:43)
14. James Bond Theme (1:47)
3. Bond Meets Solitaire (2:41)
6. Baron Samedi's Dance of Death (1:42)
17. San Monique [Alternative Take] (2:46)
5. Snakes Alive (2:41)
7. San Monique (1:57)
18. Bond and Rosie (3:51)
9. Bond Drops In (3:34)
19. The Lovers (2:09)
10. If He Finds It, Kill Him (1:20)
20. New Orleans (2:53)
8. Fillet of Soul - New Orleans/Live and Let Die/Fillet of Soul - Harlem (3:20)
12. Solitaire Gets Her Cards (1:50)
11. Trespassers Will Be Eaten (2:45)
21. Boat Chase (2:01)
13. Sacrifice (3:21)
22. Underground Lair (4:15)


Live And Let Die Soundtrack
Live And Let Die Soundtrack

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