Goldfinger Soundtrack

Goldfinger Soundtrack


Music composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry

'Goldfinger' performed by Shirley Bassey, written by Leslie Bricusse, Anthony Newley and John Barry

Music originally recorded at CTS Studios, Bayswater, London, in July 1964

Total playing time: 41:12 (2003 release)


John Barry continues his previous excellent work with the Goldfinger soundtrack ». Sadly the full score to Goldfinger is not present, however the tracks that are available make up for this. The album springs into life with 'Bond Back In Action Again' which leads very nicely into perhaps one of the most famous title themes ever, with Shirley Bassey singing her striking rendition of 'Goldfinger'.

The style of the album is brash, bold and brassy (maybe not to everyone's taste) with 'Dawn Raid On Fort Knox' and the instrumental version of 'Goldfinger' being good examples. The tense, chilling tracks are still here though, with the famous 'Laser Beam' sequence and 'Auric's Factory' to name but a few. Highlights have to be the previously mentioned 'Bond Back In Action Again' with its great use of The James Bond Theme, and 'Laser Beam', where you can imagine Bond becoming increasingly uncomfortable!

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the remastered 2003 release. While you may prefer to listen to the tracks as they are presented, below is a list of the tracks arranged in the order they appear in the film. §

5. Bond Back In Action Again (2:31)
1. Goldfinger Main Title (2:48)
2. Into Miami (0:57)
12. Golden Girl (2:10)
3. Alpine Drive / Auric's Factory (4:27)
13. Death of Tilly (2:04)
14. The Laser Beam (2:54)
15. Pussy Galore's Flying Circus (2:46)
6. Teasing the Korean (2:16)
7. Gassing the Gangsters (1:05)
4. Oddjob's Pressing Engagement (3:08)
9. Dawn Raid on Fort Knox (5:48)
10. The Arrival of the Bomb and Countdown (3:29)
11. The Death of Goldfinger / End Titles (2:34)
8. Goldfinger [Instrumental] (2:10)


Goldfinger Soundtrack
Goldfinger Soundtrack

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