Goldeneye Soundtrack

Goldeneye Soundtrack


Composed, arranged and produced by Eric Serra

'Goldeneye' performed by Tina Turner, written by Bono and The Edge. 'The Experience Of Love' performed and written by Eric Serra

Music recorded at Olympic Sound Studios, London, in 1995

Total playing time: 54:31 (1995 release)


James Bond returns in the shape of Pierce Brosnan, but sadly does not return in the shape of a decent soundtrack. The Goldeneye soundtrack » by Eric Serra sadly leaves a lot to be desired. Many of the tracks heard are a departure from the usual Bond sound with industrial synthesized sounds appearing with very dark overtones.

The whole mood of the soundtrack is cold and dark, exploring the more emotional, serious side to Bonds character with tracks such as 'Whispering Statues' and 'Fatal Weakness'. There are more powerful and sensitive tracks such as 'That's What Keeps You Alone' and 'We Share The Same Passions', but these feel out of place amongst the others. A reprise comes from 'Run, Shoot And Jump', although this fades shortly afterwards into the disappointing 'A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg'. Highlights are very few and far between, which is a shame as the soundtrack opens with the powerful title theme sung by Tina Turner.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the 1995 release. The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. The only adjustment needs to be moving the title theme after 'The Goldeneye Overture' as shown below. §

2. The Goldeneye Overture (4:21)
1. Goldeneye (4:48)
3. Ladies First (2:44)
4. We Share The Same Passions (4:48)
5. A Little Surprise For You (2:01)
6. The Severnaya Suite (2:05)
7. Our Lady Of Smolensk (1:02)
8. Whispering Statues (3:25)
9. Run, Shoot, and Jump (1:04)
10. A Pleasant Drive In St. Petersburg (4:31)
11. Fatal Weakness (4:46)
12. That's What Keeps You Alone (3:14)
13. Dish Out Of Water (3:56)
14. The Scale To Hell (3:44)
15. For Ever, James (2:00)
16. The Experience Of Love (5:54)


Goldeneye Soundtrack
Goldeneye Soundtrack

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