From Russia With Love Soundtrack

From Russia With Love Soundtrack


Music composed, arranged and conducted by John Barry. Track 1 'From Russia With Love' composed by Lionel Bart. Track 1 'James Bond Theme' and 14 composed by Monty Norman. Track 17 composed by Lionel Bart and John Barry.

'From Russia With Love' performed by Matt Munro, written by Lionel Bart

Music originally recorded at CTS Studios, Bayswater, London, in March 1963

Total playing time: 36:53 (2003 release)


James Bond returns with the From Russia With Love soundtrack » with a vengeance after the poor performance of the Dr No soundtrack. From Russia With Love also notes the the first (of many) film scores by the talented John Barry. Fuelled by an elegance and sophistication, this is where Barry develops some of the best themes which remain present throughout the whole series.

Examples of these are the James Bond Theme variations such as 'James Bond With Bongos' and '007' which would be heard many times over the coming years. Barry manages to capture the spy genre perfectly with style and charisma and injects a sense of suspense, intrigue and tension into his music. Highlights on the album are very difficult to pick with a album of this quality, since each track offers something unique all adding to the mix.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the remastered 2003 release. While you may prefer to listen to the tracks as they are presented, below is a list of the tracks arranged in the rough order they appear in the film. This is only approximate however, since there are a number of tracks which contain multiple cues within them, meaning that some cues are in the wrong order. Consequently its very much personal preference as to what order you listen to these tracks.

For a more advanced method, an alternative would be to chop up some of the tracks, allowing the cues to be repositioned and put in their proper order. Instructions on how to do this can be found on this forum ». §

15. Stalking (2:05)
1. Opening Titles: James Bond Is Back/From Russia With Love/James Bond Theme (2:29)
11. Spectre Island (1:18)
2. Tania Meets Klebb (1:29)
14. James Bond With Bongos (2:32)
16. Leila Dances (1:56)
5. Girl Trouble (2:25)
7. 007 (2:46)
8. Gypsy Camp (1:16)
6. Bond Meets Tania (1:20)
4. The Golden Horn (2:26)
3. Meeting in St. Sophia (1:09)
18. 007 Takes the Lektor (3:01)
12. Guitar Lament (1:11)
17. Death of Kerim (2:30)
9. Death of Grant (1:59)
13. Man Overboard - Smersh In Action (2:18)
10. From Russia With Love (2:37)


From Russia With Love Soundtrack
From Russia With Love Soundtrack

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