Dr No Soundtrack

Dr No Soundtrack


Music composed by Monty Norman

Orchestrated by Burt Rhodes, conducted by Eric Rodgers

'The James Bond Theme' performed by John Barry Orchestra, written by Monty Norman

Music originally recorded at CTS Studios, Bayswater, London, in June 1962

Total playing time: 39:48 (2003 release)


The first James Bond film, and the Dr No soundtrack » is the first of the series. Sadly, in my personal opinion this is the worst one out of the whole collection. The album is filled with music that is either not in the film, or contains multiple versions of the same tracks. For example there are 3 versions of 'Under the Mango Tree', and the track 'Audio Bongo' is very strange indeed. There is a clear Jamaican influence, as you would expect with 'Kingston Calypso' and 'Jump Up' being personal favourites.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the 2003 release. With multiple versions of tracks and music not in the film, it is difficult to place this soundtrack in the order it appears in the film. Consequently, it's perhaps best that the album is listened to in the order it is presented.

An alternative would be to chop up some of the tracks, add some music from other sources and recreate the playlist. Further information on this more advanced method can be found on this website ». §

1. James Bond Theme (1:48)
2. Kingston Calypso (2:45)
3. Jamaican Rock (2:05)
4. Jump Up (2:13)
5. Audio Bongo (1:33)
6. Under The Mango Tree (2:25)
7. Twisting With James (3:12)
8. Jamaica Jazz (1:08)
9. Under The Mango Tree (2:46)
10. Jump Up (1:30)
11. Dr. No's Fantasy (1:43)
12. Kingston Calypso (2:31)
13. The Island Speaks (3:23)
14. Under The Mango Tree (2:44)
15. The Boy's Chase (1:34)
16. Dr. No's Theme (2:02)
17. The James Bond Theme (2:24)
18. Love At Last (1:55)


Dr No Soundtrack
Dr No Soundtrack

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