Die Another Day Soundtrack

Die Another Day Soundtrack


Music and score produced by David Arnold. Orchestrated and Conducted by Nicholas Dodd

'Die Another Day' performed by Madonna, written by Madonna and Mirwais Ahmadzai

Music recorded and mixed by at Air Studios, London, in 2002

Total playing time: 55:02 (2002 release)


David Arnold returns once again for the Die Another Day soundtrack », but frankly it's one time too many. Arnolds Tomorrow Never Dies soundtrack was right on the pace, where as The World Is Not Enough had some good tracks, some bad tracks. The Die Another Day soundtrack is just the deterioration of this trend. The excess use of action sequences in the film doesn't help, as Arnold has to continue to produce 'bigger and better' tracks for them.

The title theme sung by Madonna takes the place of another love it or hate it tune. Some like the different techno edgy beat, others think that it is the worst title theme ever with its unusual lyrics and its dysfunctional flow. The softer cues such as 'Jinx Jordan' and 'Jinx & James' lack any invention or creativity and nowhere near compare to previous soundtracks. Sadly there is no real tension in any of the tracks, only the persistent gyrating of the electronic synths.

There is a breath of fresh air however in 'Welcome to Cuba' which taps into the Cuban/Spanish feel, although is sadly too short to offer any respite. The relentless electronic drowning continues right to the end of the soundtrack, although 'Going Down Together' eventually calms down bringing about a welcome end to this disappointing affair. §

Play Listing

The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. There are just two adjustments to made; moving the title theme after 'Hovercraft Chase' and moving 'A Touch of Frost' after 'Icarus' as shown below. §

3. On the Beach (2:51)
4. Hovercraft Chase (3:49)
1. Die Another Day (4:38)
5. Some Kind of Hero? (4:32)
6. Welcome to Cuba (2:07)
7. Jinx Jordan (1:29)
8. Jinx and James (2:04)
10. Icarus (1:23)
9. A Touch of Frost (1:52)
11. Laser Fight (4:35)
12. Whiteout (4:55)
13. Iced Inc. (3:08)
14. Antonov (11:52)
15. Going Down Together (1:34)
2. James Bond Theme (Bond vs Oakenfold) (4:05)


Die Another Day Soundtrack
Die Another Day Soundtrack

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