Casino Royale Soundtrack

Casino Royale Soundtrack


Music composed and produced by David Arnold

'You Know My Name' performed by Chris Cornell, written by Chris Cornell and David Arnold

Total playing time: 74:19 (2006 release)


David Arnold returns for the fourth time to score the Casino Royale soundtrack », with Daniel Craig's first appearance as Bond. After the disappointing Die Another Day soundtrack, Arnold pulls one out of the bag with his latest effort. While the exclusion of the title theme is rather annoying, the rest of the album makes up for this glaring oversight. Out goes the electronics of Die Another Day and The World Is Not Enough, in comes the old Barry days of full orchestras and moodful music.

The album kicks off with the exciting and quite lengthy 'African Rundown' before slowing down somewhat for the next two tracks. Starting out with a similar tone, 'Blunt Instrument' pleasantly picks up the pace introducing elements of the title theme, before changing up another gear for the climax of the track. A Bahamian style is felt in 'Solange' before kicking off into exciting 'Miami International'.

While only short, the excellent blending of the title theme reappears in 'I'm The Money' and 'Aston Montenegro' that marks a more subtle change in pace for this section of the soundtrack. This is especially marked in 'Dinner Jackets', 'Bond Loses It All' and 'Bond Wins It All' which is intermingled with the more rousing 'Stairwell Fight' and 'Dirty Martini'.

Like in the film itself, the third act marks another change in pace for the soundtrack with 'City of Lovers' and 'The Switch'. The final scenes from the film are visually recreated by listening to 'Fall of a House in Venice', 'Death of Vesper' and 'The Bitch is Dead' which set the mood. After waiting the whole film for Bond to say his famous introduction, Arnold doesn't disappoint by excitingly building up the conclusion in 'The Name's Bond...James Bond'. Used sparingly, and to great effect, listeners are treated to a slightly re-energised version of the famous James Bond Theme, excellently finishing off the soundtrack. §

Play Listing

The tracks on the 2006 release don't need to be adjusted since they already are in the order they appear in the film. §

1. African Rundown (6:52)
2. Nothing Sinister (1:27)
3. Unauthorised Access (1:08)
4. Blunt Instrument (2:22)
5. CCTV (1:30)
6. Solange (0:59)
7. Trip Aces (2:06)
8. Miami International (12:43)
9. I'm The Money (0:27)
10. Aston Montenegro (1:03)
11. Dinner Jackets (1:52)
12. The Tell (3:23)
13. Stairwell Fight (4:12)
14. Vesper (1:44)
15. Bond Loses It All (3:56)
16. Dirty Martini (3:49)
17. Bond Wins It All (4:32)
18. The End of an Aston Martin (1:30)
19. The Bad Die Young (1:18)
20. City of Lovers (3:30)
21. The Switch (5:07)
22. Fall of a House in Venice (1:53)
23. Death of Vesper (2:50)
24. The Bitch is Dead (1:05)
25. The Name's Bond...James Bond (2:49)


Casino Royale Soundtrack
Casino Royale Soundtrack

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