A View To A Kill Soundtrack

A View To A Kill Soundtrack


Orchestra arranged and conducted by John Barry

'A View To A Kill' performed by Duran Duran, written by Duran Duran and John Barry

Music digitally recorded at CTS Studios, Wembley, London, in March/April 1985 except 'A View To A Kill' digitally recorded at Maixon Rouge & CTS Studios, London

Total playing time: 38:23 (2003 release)


A View To A Kill marks the last Roger Moore James Bond film, with some saying that John Barry adopts a smoother, stylish approach for the A View To A Kill soundtrack » as a fitting end to this era. As per previous scores by John Barry, the soundtrack is filled with action, suspense and romantic tracks.

Sadly there are a number of excellent cues that are missing from the soundtrack, such as when Bond escorts Stacey from the roof of City Hall and Bond dangling from Zorin's airship to name just a couple. However to make up for these missing tracks, the soundtrack itself does deliver, and should please most people.

The first few tracks give you a great buzz as you imagine Bond skiing, dodging bullets in 'Snow Job', where the pace of 'A View To A Kill' keeps the adrenalin pumping. 'May Day Jumpers' starts slowly, but the action gradually builds into May Day's jump and Bonds mad chase to catch her. The romantic tracks are here in the sense of 'Bond meets Stacey' and 'Wine with Stacey' which use the title theme to great effect. While there are many great tracks, the highlights definitely have to be near the end. From 'He's Dangerous' right up to the end title theme, the music really grabs you and makes you feel that you are involved in the fire truck chase through San Francisco, or fighting for your life in 'Golden Gate Fight'.

The soundtrack for A View To Kill can easily be overlooked in favour of earlier Barry tracks such as From Russia With Love, or On Her Majesty's Secret Service for example. It is however definitely worth the effort to stop and enjoy one of Barry's gems.

Play Listing

The following tracks are from the 1995 release. The tracks are mostly arranged in their film sequence order. The only adjustment needs to be moving the title theme after 'Snow Job' as shown below. §

2. Snow Job (2:28)
1. Main Title (A View To A Kill) (3:35)
3. May Day Jumps (2:51)
4. Bond Meets Stacey (A View To A Kill) (2:30)
5. Pegasus' Stable (3:23)
6. Tibbett Gets Washed Out (1:42)
11. Bond Escapes Roller (1:24)
9. Bond Underwater (2:35)
10. Wine With Stacey (A View To A Kill) (1:54)
8. He's Dangerous (2:16)
12. Destroy Silicon Valley (2:23)
7. Airship To Silicon Valley (2:32)
13. May Day Bombs Out (3:01)
14. Golden Gate Fight (3:31)
15. End Title (A View To A Kill) (2:04)


A View To A Kill Soundtrack
A View To A Kill Soundtrack

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