Bond & Kara's Fairground (Prater Park)

Bond & Kara's Fairground (Prater Park)


Prater, Ausstellungsstraße, 1020 Vienna, Austria

Featured in The Living Daylights (1987)


After arranging to meet Saunders at the Prater, Bond and Kara sample the rollercoaster, dodgems and a number of other rides. Bond decides to chance his hand at shooting a rifle at a target to win prizes, something he is unsurprisingly very good at, leading the owner to tell him "no more!?" Kara then asks Bond to take her on the Ferris wheel. As the carriage reaches the top it jerks to a stop. A puzzled Kara finds out that Bond has arranged this, leading to a predictable romantic moment, Bond style.

After returning back to Earth, Bond leaves Kara for a few moments to meet with Saunders. While he finds out some very useful information, such as the involvement of Brad Whitaker, Saunders is killed by Necros when he sets off a charge controlling a glass door. Bond returns to Kara, telling her that he got the message, and they must leave immediately.


While the Prater area dates back to 1162 when Emperor Friedrich I gave the lands to a noble family, the modern Prater didn't come into fashion until 1766. The Emperor Joseph II declared that the Prater area be open for public enjoyment, after spending many years as a closed off, private hunting ground. This allowed the creation of the Wurstelprater amusement park, the oldest in world.

The Prater has a large number of attractions from nostalgic ghost trains and old rollercoasters, to high-tech adrenaline-pumping rides. Vienna's most famous landmark is the large Ferris wheel inside the park. Over 200 feet in height, this late 19th century structure dominates the Prater. With much of Vienna clearly visible at the top, this is as much an attraction as a way to find your bearings!


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