Bond's Viennan Hotel (Palais Schwarzenberg)

Bond's Viennan Hotel (Palais Schwarzenberg)


Palais Schwarzenberg, Schwarzenbergplatz 9, Vienna 1030, Austria

Featured in The Living Daylights (1987)


When Bond and Kara arrive in Vienna, they take a horse drawn carriage down pleasant leafy streets. The carriage passes the Schönbrunn Palace where there are a large group of people waltzing, before eventually arriving at the hotel. When Bond approaches the reception desk, Hans the hotel manager asks if he wants his usual suite, to which Bond asks for one with a separate bedroom.


Palais Schwarzenberg is another example of the baroque style, and was built in 1682, with adaptations made to it in 1728 after it was bought by the Schwarzenberg family. The palace has had a difficult history, including being confiscated by the Nazis in the Second World War. Today the palace is still owned by the Schwarzenberg family, and is run as a hotel featuring 44 rooms and suites, and five state rooms for functions and events.


The 18 acre park at the back of the palace is only open to guests of the hotel, and not to the public. §

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