Oh Cult Voodoo Shop

Oh Cult Voodoo Shop


33 East 65th Street, Manhattan, New York City, 10065, United States of America

Featured in Live And Let Die (1973)


Following the trail of assassinations in New York City, Felix Leiter tells Bond that the car which used the poison dart shooting mirror is registered to 33 East 65th Street. He decides to pay the location a visit, and finds the Oh Cult Voodoo Shop.

Bond enters the shop and has a little browse around. Whilst he keeps the clerk busy wrapping an item, he investigates a side entrance. When Bond leaves the shop, the clerk phones Dr Kananga and informs him of Bond's progress.


The shop is easy to find at the same address mentioned in the film, Madison Avenue and 65th street. For a few years the shop actually belonged to designer jewellery shop Michael Dawkins. Outside there appeared to be a canopy covering the entrance where Dr Kanaga and his men drive out of. However at some point this canopy has been removed, as in 2014 the shop now belongs to a salon, with a arts and crafts centre above.

The picture of the other side of the road is where Harold Strutter parks up to watch Bond enter the shop. The parking garage still has the same doors, and the door Bond exits from is also still there.


Thanks to Chris Parr for contributing information about this location. §

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