Bond and Xenia's Casino (Monte Carlo Casino)

Bond and Xenia's Casino (Monte Carlo Casino)


Casino de Monte Carlo, Place du Casino, MC 98000, Principality of Monaco

Featured in Goldeneye (1995)


After travelling along hilltop roads, and having a through 'evaluation' by Caroline, Bond eventually arrives at the Monte Carlo casino (Casino de Monte Carlo in French) in Monaco at night. As he enters the casino he spots Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp's Ferrari Spider 355 outside. Bond then enjoys a flirty game of baccarat with Xenia, before she later leaves with an Admiral, her intended victim, giving her access to steal the Tiger helicopter.


The current façade of the Monte Carlo Casino (Casino de Monte Carlo in French) was completed in 1890. For many years afterwards many alterations and additions have been added to the casino. As well as the casino and its private gaming rooms, the site also contains an opera and ballet house, restaurant and gardens. The interior features stained glass windows, sculptures, classic paintings and of course opulent bathrooms.


You will be asked to show your passport as you pay the €10 entrance fee (2013). However if you just want to view the interior, you can take a look at the entry hall and slot machine room without charge. The casino only accepts guests over the age of 18, and suitable attire should be worn, especially in private rooms.

If you are looking for an expensive dinner, then you might want to consider the three star Michelin Le Louis XV restaurant across from the casino main entrance. The ideal spot is to sit on the veranda where you will be able to sample the delights of people (and car) watching, Monaco style.


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