Millennium Dome

Millennium Dome


The O2, Peninsula Square at Millennium Way, Greenwich, London, SE10 0DX

Featured in The World Is Not Enough (1999)


After the money bomb explodes inside MI6, Bond makes pursuit of the 'Cigar Girl' in her Sunseeker through London in the Q-Boat. At the climax of the chase, Bond meets back up with the Cigar Girl in front of the Millenium Dome. When Bond fires two torpedoes at the Sunseeker, it forces the Cigar Girl to drive her boat ashore, where she steals an ascending hot-air balloon. Bond makes his pursuit, and manages to jump onto one of the balloons ropes as it takes off. Rather than give the name of her employer, she ruptures the gas tanks, forcing Bond to let go, causing him to tumble down the dome (actually a mock-up at Pinewood Studios).


Built in Greenwich at the home of the prime meridian to celebrate the millennium, this mammoth structure has entered the record books as the biggest dome in the world. Many of the features of the dome represent its location, such as the twelve support towers designed to be the months of the year, or hours on a clock face, and it's 365 metre diameter. Costing over £700 million pounds in 2000, (over a billion inflation adjusted to 2013), the dome opened for a private ceremony containing many officials such as the prime minister and the Queen on 31st December 1999.

The Millennium Dome was designed to hold a major exhibition that celebrated the dawn of the third Millennium. Designed to replace what was previously a derelict and contaminated area, the project was supposed to re-energise the local area, educate, inform, inspire and be a portrait of the nation. Even the prime minister of the time, Tony Blair, described his ambitions for the dome to be seen as a 'beacon of the world'. However the project generated considerable controversy, both in politics and in the press, from it's over optimism and many financial issues.

The dome closed on 31st December 2000 and while it opened temporarily over the next few years for a number of projects, it remained mostly unused. It was not until 24th June 2007 that the dome reopened to the public under its new name as the O2. Fulfilling a new purpose, the O2 is now an entertainment district including an indoor arena (the 02 Arena), music club, cinema, exhibition space, piazzas, bars and restaurants.


The nearest tube station is North Greenwich which is on-site. §

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