Koskov's Escape Route (Gasometers)

Koskov's Escape Route (Gasometers)


'Gasometers', Guglgasse, 1110 Vienna, Austria

Featured in The Living Daylights (1987)


After Bond has put General Georgi Koskov in the Trans-Siberian pipeline cleaning module, Q is there to meet him on the other side. They then climb the seemingly never-ending number of steps inside the gasometer to the top where Koskov boards a Harrier and takes off.


These four gas towers known as gasometers where built in 1896 and were the largest in Europe to produce town gas by distillation of coal. After falling into disarray when gas became unpopular, the towers have been used in films and also for hosting huge rave events!

With restoration being completed in 2001, these towers now feature ultra-modern flats, gardens, shops, cinema and even a music hall. A true city within a city!


Koskov enters and takes off from Gasometer D, which is on the most eastern side.

There is a dedicated subway station for the Gasometers on-site so you shouldn't have to walk far! §

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