Aston/Ferrari Chase Road

Aston/Ferrari Chase Road


D2 Route de Gentelly, Gréolières, France

Featured in Goldeneye (1995)


After the pre-title sequence, Bond is seen enjoying a nice country dive in his Aston Martin DB5. He is accompanied by Caroline, who has been sent by MI6 to give him a psychological evaluation. Bond then notices a Ferrari Spider 355 behind him driven by Xenia Zaragevna Onatopp. Bond and Xenia enjoy playing a game of cat and mouse through the twisty roads, culminating in them sending a large number of cyclists into chaos as they pass them at great speed.


This is one of the roads that Bond, and later Xenia, drive along. Other locations they pass through include Gréolières, Thorenc and Grasse.


While Bond and Xenia are supposed to be driving in the hills above Monaco, this road is actually off to the North West in France.


Thanks to Jaume Palau for contributing information about this location. §

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