Zorin's Château (Château de Chantilly)

Zorin's Château (Château de Chantilly)


Château de Chantilly, BP 70243, 60631 Chantilly, France

Featured in A View To A Kill (1985)


After learning from Achille Aubergine that Max Zorin is holding a horse sale at his château, Bond decides to pay a visit. He travels to Château de Chantilly pretending to be a customer interested in buying, with Sir Godfrey Tibbett acting as his chauffeur. They then proceed to try to find out more information about what Zorin is up to.


First built in 1484, this historic château has been rebuilt a number of times after the original mansion was destroyed in the French revolution. Chantilly was entirely rebuilt in 1875–1881, and the property was bequeathed to the Institut de France upon the death of Du d'Aumale in 1897.

The château's art gallery, the Musée Condé, houses one of the finest collections of historical paintings in France (outside of the Louvre). Due to the conditions laid upon the museum by the Duke, the loaning of artworks to other institutions, or modifying the exhibition spaces in any way is forbidden. Consequently the museum remains almost unchanged since it was opened in 1898. §


For about 7 euros, you can tour the Château and then walk the grounds and the stables to see where many scenes from A View To A Kill were shot.


Thanks to Jeff Caplinger for contributing information about this location. §

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