DNA Replacement Clinic (San Sebastián Castle)

DNA Replacement Clinic (San Sebastián Castle)


Castillo de San Sebastián, Calle de Fernando Quifiones, Cádiz, Andalucía, Spain

Featured in Die Another Day (2002)


Bond uses a annoying hotel guest where he is staying to gain access to the exclusive Los Oreganos island. He cleverly manages to avoid the guards at the entrance to the DNA clinic, and finds the hidden access door. Looking through the rooms, Bond manages to find where Zao is undergoing his gene replacement therapy.

Unknown to Bond, Giacinta 'Jinx' Johnson is also on the island where she kills surgeon Dr Alvarez. In a snazzy move, Jinx then does a back flip of one of the perimeter walls to a waiting boat way below, leaving Bond stunned.

While Zao manages to escape, Bond does pick up some diamonds in Zao's room, which leads him to Colonel Tan-Sun Moon's new identity, Gustav Graves.


San Sebastián Castle (Castillo de San Sebastián in Spanish) was originally built in 1706 as a fortress against invaders to the city. According to classical legend, the inlet the castle is built on also contained the Temple of Kronos. For many years the castle could only be reached during low tide, however a long pier connecting the castle to the beach was built in the 19th century so the castle could be accessed at all times. The castle now serves as a lighthouse.


The castles causeway was actually digitally removed in the film, to give the illusion that it was on an island.

It is only possible to look around the inside of the castle on a guided tour, which is only run in peak season.

Thanks to clever CGI trickery, Jinx's jump from the castle wall appears to be a lot higher than it would of actually have been, something very evident in the pictures.


Thanks to Jaume Palau for contributing information about this location. §

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