Nuclear Bunker Site (Bardenas Reales)

Nuclear Bunker Site (Bardenas Reales)


Bardenas Reales, Tudela, Navarre, Spain

Featured in The World Is Not Enough (1999)


After killing Sasha Davidov, Bond takes his place on board a plane that travels to this bunker. He meets Dr Christmas Jones, who while not completely convinced about who Bond is impersonating, tells him to where his colleagues are waiting for him. Bond then proceeds down the bunker, where he encounters Renard. Bond and Christmas just manage to escape the bunker after Renard detonates an explosion, before we see the whole location explode.


In the southern part of Navarra is the Bardenas Reales, a semi-desert landscape that stretches out over 42,000 hectares. The landscape takes a moon-like appearance with its craters, gullies and solitary outcrops formed over millions of years by erosion. Despite its arid landscape a surprising number of flora and fauna exist, although reminders of its harsh nature are present with vultures scouring the ground looking for the next meal.


Thanks to Jaume Palau for contributing information about this location. §

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