Bond's Bridge Jump (Alexandre III Bridge)

Bond's Bridge Jump (Alexandre III Bridge)


Pont Alexandre III, Paris, France

Featured in A View To A Kill (1985)


At the end of the chase sequence through the streets of Paris in the Renault taxi, Bond notices May Day land on a boat passing underneath the bridge. He then leaves the car and proceeds to jump over the bridge to land on the boat. However as he jumps, he falls right through the roof, landing right on top of a couples tiered wedding cake. As Bond makes his way through the angry crowd, he notices May Day escaping by getting into a small boat with Max Zorin.


Built between 1896 and 1900, the Alexandre III bridge spans the Seine, connecting the Champs-Élysées and Eiffel Tower quarter. Named after Tsar Alexander III, the bridge contains various Art Nouveau lamps, sculptures and statues and is considered to be one of more elegant and extravagant bridges in Paris.


The best way to see the bridge is to take a Siene River tour, as you will cross right under it. If you're lucky, you might find a boat similar to the one that Bond jumps on.


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