Icarus Satellite

Icarus Satellite


Icarus Satellite used by Gustav Graves

Owned by Gustav Graves

Featured in Die Another Day (2002)


Gustav Graves invites a large number of guests to attend his presentation of Icarus at his ice palace in Iceland. He presents the Icarus satellite as a 'second sun', providing warmth to the coldest places on Earth, and allowing crops to grow all year round in sunlight. However, the satellites main function is using the suns energy to power a powerful laser. Graves uses the laser to try and carve a safe passage from North Korea to the South through a large mine field making way for an invasion.

During the presentation Graves uses a suitcase-like device to control Icarus, but shortly afterwards he tells Vladimir Popov he wants something more stylish. Consequently later in the film Vlad integrates the controls for Icarus into a wearable suit.

At the end of the film Graves sets Icarus on automatic, carving a path through all the land mines, whilst he deals with Bond. When Bond gets the upper hand, Graves falls into one of the Antonov's engines, shutting off Icarus only metres before the South Korean border where M, Damian Falco and Charles Robinson are located. §


Icarus Satellite
Icarus Satellite

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