Large And Small Homing Devices

Large And Small Homing Devices


Large And Small Homing Devices used by James Bond

Owned by MI6

Featured in Goldfinger (1964)


These two homing devices supplied by Q, enabled James Bond to follow Goldfinger's car from a distance. The larger homing device had a range of 150 miles and Bond could follow its movements in his specially modified Aston Martin DB5 by accessing the display hidden behind the speaker vent. The smaller brother was magnetic and could be hidden inside the heel of Bond's shoe. He tries to send a message to Felix Leiter using the smaller homing device by placing it in Mr Solo's pocket. However the message never arrives, as the homing device gets crushed when Oddjob drives his car into a scrap yard after killing Mr Solo. §


Large And Small Homing Devices

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