ATAC Communicator

ATAC Communicator


ATAC Communicator used by St Georges crew

Owned by Unknown

Featured in For Your Eyes Only (1981)


The ATAC (Automatic Targeting Attack Communicator) is a device that uses an ultra low frequency coded transmission to order submarines to launch ballistic missiles. Bond is sent to recover the ATAC after the British spy ship the St Georges sinks off the Albanian coast. MI6 is worried that should the ATAC fall into the wrong hands, any British submarines could be ordered to attack British targets.

After Bond and Melina Havelock manage to recover the ATAC, it is stolen by Aris Kristatos. He takes it to a hideout where he plans to sell it to the Russians. After managing to stop Kristatos with the help of Milos Columbo, Bond picks up the ATAC and walks towards a waiting General Gogol where he throws the ATAC off the cliff, shattering it into small pieces. §


ATAC Communicator

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