Chula (Yao Lin Chen)

Chula (Yao Lin Chen)


Chula played by Yao Lin Chen

Starred In The Man With The Golden Gun (1974)


When Bond gets sent the Kung Fu school of Hai Fat, he finds out the hard way that Chula is one of the best students. After watching a couple of fights, Bond is instructed to take centre stage. He manages to beat a lesser student using underhand tactics, but fairs badly when he tackles Chula in a one-to-one fight.

After gaining a slight upper hand, Bond quickly breaks through a window to escape, pursued by all of the Kung Fu school. After the small boat chase sequence that entails, Chula and a couple of the other main students find their hopes of catching Bond literally sink, where Bond cuts their boat in two.


A martial arts expert, Chula proves he has the brains as well as brawn when he squares up against Bond. Very confident, perhaps too much so of his own abilities, Chula's trait to gloat at his fellow students gives Bond an advantage to escape. §


Chula (Yao Lin Chen)
Chula (Yao Lin Chen)

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