Adam (Tommy Lane)

Adam (Tommy Lane)


Adam played by Tommy Lane

Starred In Live And Let Die (1973)


Working as a thug for Dr Kananga, Bond encounters Adam on a couple of occasions. After Cab Driver 1 drops Bond off at an airport, Adam is waiting for him and Solitaire.

Adam is then seen later in the film where he organises a couple of his own goons to chase after Bond in the boat chase. After stealing a boat belonging to a cousin of Sheriff J.W Pepper, Adam makes chase. Eventually Bond manages to get the better of Adam when he blinds him with a mixture of chemicals sending his boat exploding into a ship.


Employed by Kananga, Adam performs various duties for him mostly carrying out menial tasks the dictator doesn't want to do himself. After being arrested by Sheriff J.W Pepper for speeding, it is Bond who unwittingly sets him free by distracting Pepper allowing Adam to escape. §


Adam (Tommy Lane)
Adam (Tommy Lane)

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