Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)

Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)


Yusef Kabira played by Simon Kassianides

Born in London, England, on 7th August 1979

Starred In Quantum of Solace (2008)


Just before Mr White is brought before M and Bond at the start of Quantum of Solace, M shows Bond a picture of the boyfriend of Vesper Lynd. He shows no interest, but when she isn't looking he takes the photo and puts it in his pocket.

At the end of the film, Bond tracks Yusef to his apartment in Russia, where he waits. When Yusef enters with Corrine Veneau, he holds them at gunpoint and tells them to sit down. Bond explains who Yusef is to Corrine, his next target. After asking her to leave, Bond is next seen outside with M. She is surprised when Bond tells her he is still alive, and as he walks off he drops Vespers necklace in the snow.


Yusef is another member of the Quantum organisation. He is tasked with seducing women in high-ranking positions with important contacts and connections.

The usual plan was that once Yusefs victim had suitably fallen in love, he would be 'kidnapped' and held hostage by Quantum. The victim would then be forced to hand over government assets, information, or money to secure his release. This is indeed what happened with Vesper Lynd, as M tells Bond that she stole Bonds poker winnings to pay the ransom to release Yusef.

He clearly has done this many times before, and even gives Corrine, a Canadian intelligence agent, the same necklace as Vesper. He looks increasingly concerned as Bond explains his plan to Corrine, and asks that Bond ends it quick. He refuses and Yusef is handed over to MI6 for questioning. §


Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)
Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)
Yusef Kabira (Simon Kassianides)

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