Hans (Ronald Rich)

Hans (Ronald Rich)


Hans played by Ronald Rich

Starred In You Only Live Twice (1967)


Only appearing in a couple of scenes, Hans fulfils the role as Ernst Stavro Blofeld's bodyguard/assistant. Blofeld instructs Hans to provide a demonstration to government officials if they refuse to co-operate by dropping a joint of meat into his pet piranha fish, only to be stripped to the bone when it is pulled out seconds later.

In the final stages of the film Bond has to confront the imposing Hans in order to reach the control centre to destroy Bird 1. While Hans has a definite physical advantage Bond uses brains rather than brawn, landing Hans in the piranha tank.


Hans is a physically imposing character that Bond finds out the hard way when they fight at the end of the film. Like Oddjob before him and a number of villains to follow, Hans does not have any dialect, but doesn't need it. Luckily, Bond manages to get Hans into a position where he can duck at the right moment sending Hans falling into the piranha tank. §


Hans (Ronald Rich)
Hans (Ronald Rich)

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