Aziz Fekkesh (Nadim Sawalha)

Aziz Fekkesh (Nadim Sawalha)


Aziz Fekkesh played by Nadim Sawalha

Born in Madaba, Jordan on 9th September 1935

Starred In The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


Not finding Fekkesh at his apartment in Egypt, Bond follows Sandor's tip and travels to the Pyramids. Spotting Fekkesh talking to Major Anya Amasova, Bond then witnesses the death of Fekkesh at the hands of Jaws. After searching him for any information, Bond finds out that he was due to meet Max Kalba at a club. He then decides to takes his place and investigates further.


Aziz Fekkesh has the nasty fate of being killed by Jaws in a creepy Pyramids show sequence. Apart from being an intermediary in the sale of the submarine tracking system, little is learnt about the character. §


Aziz Fekkesh (Nadim Sawalha)
Aziz Fekkesh (Nadim Sawalha)

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