Kisch (Michael Mellinger)

Kisch (Michael Mellinger)


Kisch played by Michael Mellinger

Born in Kochel, Bavaria on 30th May 1929

Died 17th March 2004

Starred In Goldfinger (1964)


Kisch shoots Bond with the tranquilliser gun after Auric Goldfinger decides to spare Bonds life in Switzerland. Kisch is also assigned the task of gassing the Mafia gangsters after their briefing with Goldfinger at his stud farm in Baltimore.

After 'Operation Grandslam' starts to fall apart, Kisch is locked in the vault of Fort Knox with Oddjob. When Kisch panics and tries to defuse Goldfinger's bomb, Oddjob mercilessly tosses him over the railings causing him to fall to his death.


Little is learnt about Kisch. A lieutenant working for Goldfinger, Kisch is given mostly the dirty jobs to do. Apart from gassing the Mafia gangsters, and shooting Bond, Kisch is also in charge of Goldfinger's henchmen when they commence their infiltration on Fort Knox. §


Kisch (Michael Mellinger)
Kisch (Michael Mellinger)
Kisch (Michael Mellinger)

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