Sergi Borzov (Michael Billington)

Sergi Borzov (Michael Billington)


Sergi Borzov played by Michael Billington

Born in Blackburn, England on 24th December 1941

Died 3rd June 2005

Starred In The Spy Who Loved Me (1977)


Appearing in the pre-title sequence, Sergi Borzov is waiting for Bond on the mountain slopes after the Log Cabin Girl tells him he is on his way. Leading a group of assassins, Borzov and his men try and kill Bond whilst skiing down the mountain slopes. As Borzov gets closer and closer to Bond, 007 turns around and shoots his pursuer using the ski pole gun.


Lover to Major Anya Amasova, Sergi Borzov is another KGB agent assigned to kill Bond when he leaves the Log Cabin Girl. Little else is learnt about the character due to his limited on-screen time. §


Sergi Borzov (Michael Billington)
Sergi Borzov (Michael Billington)

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