The Photographer (Marguerite LeWars)

The Photographer (Marguerite LeWars)


The Photographer played by Marguerite LeWars

Starred In Dr No (1962)


On assignment to photograph 007, she takes Bond's picture at the airport just as Bond raises his hat to block his face.

After her failed attempt to photograph him at the airport, The Photographer takes Bond's photograph at Puss-Feller's establishment. Bond tells Quarrel to bring her back where he destroys the film. After learning little information from her, even under threat of her arm being broken, Bond lets her go.


An operative for Dr No, The Photographers assignment is to take images of 007 when he arrives in Jamaica. At Puss-Fellers nightclub, Quarrel holds her tight by bending her arm behind her back whilst Bond interrogates her. Just like Dr No's other operatives, she is so scared to divulge any information that she would rather have her arm broken by Quarrel than talk. Bond doesn't feel the need to take it that far, and consequently lets her go. §


Marguerite was cast in Dr No after the production crew noticed her working as an employee at Kingston airport.


The Photographer (Marguerite LeWars)
The Photographer (Marguerite LeWars)

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