Shady Tree (Leonard Barr)

Shady Tree (Leonard Barr)


Shady Tree played by Leonard Barr

Born in West Virginia, USA on 27th September 1903

Died 22nd November 1980

Starred In Diamonds Are Forever (1971)


Shady Tree is first introduced when he stops Bond from being cremated, after he discovers the diamonds are fake. Bond later discovers that Tree is a Las Vegas comic and decides to pay him a visit in his dressing room. However, before Bond gets anywhere Mr Wint and Mr Kidd kill Tree, eliminating anyone who previously touched the diamonds.


An aged Las Vegas stand-up comic, Shady Tree plays his part in Blofelds diamond smuggling operation and also works with Morton Slumber.

Appearing in only a few scenes, Shady Tree adds another comical element to Diamonds Are Forever, whether in his role as the diamond smuggler or as the stand-up comic entertaining people in The Whyte House. §


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