Colonel Luis Toro (Ken Norris)

Colonel Luis Toro (Ken Norris)


Colonel Luis Toro played by Ken Norris

Starred In Octopussy (1983)


Bond impersonates this Colonel in his mission to destroy a secret spy plane. He manages to gain entry to the restricted compound and starts to attach explosives. However the real Colonel Luis Toro appears, flushing Bond out as a fake. With the help of Bianca, Bond manages to escape his captors.

With plan A a failure, Bond goes to a much less subtle plan B. He gets into the Acrostar mini jet hidden inside a horse trailer, and proceeds to fly it into the restricted compound. Toro orders his men to close the doors when Bond enters. While Bond just manages to escape the building, the pursuing heat-seeking missile doesn't, causing a large explosion. Bond then simply flies over the border and asks a sleepy attendant to fill her up.


Little is learnt about the character of Colonel Luis Toro. A seemingly serious character Toro doesn't take kindly to Bonds interruption. §


Colonel Luis Toro (Ken Norris)
Colonel Luis Toro (Ken Norris)

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