Tee Hee (Julius W Harris)

Tee Hee (Julius W Harris)


Tee Hee played by Julius W Harris

Born in Philadelphia, USA on 17th August 1923

Died 17th October 2004

Starred In Live And Let Die (1973)


When Bond visits Mr Big, Tee Hee renders Bond's gun useless by bending the barrel using a prosthetic hook in place of an arm.

In one of the highlights of the film, Tee Hee is later seen when Bond is taken to a farm owned by Kananga, but on this farm trespassers will be eaten. After Tee Hee gives Bond a guided tour of this crocodile and alligator haven, he maroons Bond on a small island in the middle of a lake of crocs. 007 initially tries to escape using his magnetic Rolex, but the boat he tries to attract is tied up. As the snappers get closer, Bond makes the very brave decision to escape by jumping over the backs of a number of crocodiles to reach land.

Tee Hee returns in the films climax where he fights with Bond aboard a speeding train, perhaps the inspiration for a similar sequence a few years later in The Spy Who Loved Me. Before he is strangled by Tee Hee’s steel arm, he manages to cut the arms wire attaching it to a rail. Bond then sends Tee Hee minus an arm, flying out the window.


Tee Hee is a classic Bond villain and is played purely for comic, but great effect in Live And Let Die. A larger than life character, Tee Hee sports a steel arm with deadly gripping hook after an encounter with a crocodile took his whole arm off. An amusing character, Tee Hee finds amusement in nearly anything and has chance to deliver some of the films best quips. §


Tee Hee (Julius W Harris)
Tee Hee (Julius W Harris)
Tee Hee (Julius W Harris)

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