Professor Dr Metz (Joseph Furst)

Professor Dr Metz (Joseph Furst)


Professor Dr Metz played by Joseph Furst

Born in Vienna, Austria on 13th February 1916

Died 29th November 2005

Starred In Diamonds Are Forever (1971)


Professor Metz is first seen in one of Ernst Stavro Blofeld's labs working on his diamond laser satellite. Once it is completed and sent into space, he travels with Blofeld to the oilrig control centre. Metz becomes irate and annoyed when he learns that Blofeld intends to use the laser to destroy Washington DC for money, when he didn't want it to be used in this way. However Metz is powerless to stop Blofeld.


Professor Dr Metz, an idealistic diamond laser refraction scientist, sides with Blofeld and SPECTRE thinking that Blofeld's plan is one of peace and global nuclear disarmament. Short tempered, Metz becomes annoyed when Bond manages to gain entry to his laboratory posing as a scientist checking radiation shields.

It later becomes apparent peace and harmony is not high on Blofeld's priorities, and Metz gets increasingly worried when Bond, Felix Leiter and Willard Whyte attack the oilrig. §


Professor Dr Metz (Joseph Furst)
Professor Dr Metz (Joseph Furst)

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