Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)

Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)


Ernst Stavro Blofeld played by John Hollis

Born in Nottinghamshire, England on 24th January 1931

Died 18th October 2005

Starred In For Your Eyes Only (1981)


Appearing in the pre-title sequence this familiar looking character takes over Bond's helicopter whilst it is travelling back to MI6. Using remote control the bald-headed villain makes the plane climb, dive and perform a number of acrobatics. Whilst he appears to enjoying himself, Bond manages to climb out of the passenger compartment and shimmy along the outside of the plane into the pilots seat. As the helicopter flies into an abandoned building heading towards a solid wall, the bald-headed villain delights in telling Bond that he time is up. Just in time Bond manages to regain control of the plane, and proceeds to pick up the bald-headed villain in his wheelchair and dumps him down a large industrial smoke stack.


The bald-headed villain Bond faces is actually the personification of Ernst Stavro Blofeld, who is unnamed in the film due to the legal dispute between Kevin McClory, and Eon Productions over the Thunderball copyrights. Appearing in a wheelchair (possibly a hint at Bond's last confrontation with Blofeld in Diamonds Are Forever), with the famous white cat, and wearing similar clothes to previously seen, there is no denying who this character is supposed to be.

He tells Bond that he has waited a long time for his revenge and intends to enjoy it to the full. The tables are soon turned however when Bond gains control, with the bald-headed villain offering to buy him a delicatessen in stainless steel (perhaps referring to an old mafia term). Bond obviously refuses and sends the Persian cat loving villain to his long awaited death. §


Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)
Ernst Stavro Blofeld (John Hollis)

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