Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)

Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)


Ladislav Kutze played by George Pravda

Born in Prague, Czechoslovakia (Czech Republic) in 1918

Died 30th April 1985

Starred In Thunderball (1965)


Ladislav Kutze is the technical brain behind the handling of the atomic bombs stolen by SPECTRE. After the bombs are recovered from the submerged Vulcan, Emilio Largo gives Kutze the arming box and tells him to play with his new 'toy'.

However later in the film Kutze changes his allegiance, rescues Dominique Derval from Largo's tortures and disarms the bombs. As the Disco Volante speeds towards some rocks, Bond instructs Domino and Kutze to abandon ship, causing Kutze to exclaim that he can't swim. Bond hands him a life-ring and throws him overboard. Strangely after the destruction of the Disco Volante Kutze seems to disappear!


A slightly naive character, Kutze is a famous Polish nuclear scientist, secretly recruited by SPECTRE to help in their plans to capture the two atomic bombs from the Vulcan. He obviously cares what happens to Domino Derval, and when he sees her treatment by Largo he decides to help her and stop Largos plan. §


Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)
Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)
Ladislav Kutze (George Pravda)

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