Mischka (David Meyer)

Mischka (David Meyer)


Mischka played by David Meyer

Born in Watford, England on 24th July 1947

Starred In Octopussy (1983)


The first half of a murderous duo, Mischka and Grischka are employees of Kamal Khan. Appearing after the pre-title sequence, these deadly assassins track down and kill 009 escaping with a Fabergé Egg.

Bond encounters Mischka aboard Octopussy's train after the nuclear bomb is put into place. After nearly being perforated by knifes he kills the assassin.


Mischka and Grischka, played by real-life identical twins, are knife throwers in Octopussy's Circus. Performing a dangerous circus act, their out-of-hours acts are just as deadly. Experts with knifes, these lethal twins use the throwing knifes to assassinate their targets. While the duo doesn't say much, their actions do most of the talking. §


Mischka (David Meyer)
Mischka (David Meyer)

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