Morton Slumber (David Bauer)

Morton Slumber (David Bauer)


Morton Slumber played by David Bauer

Born in Chicago, USA on 6th March 1917

Died 13th February 1973

Starred In Diamonds Are Forever (1971)


After the body containing the diamonds is smuggled into America, it is taken to Slumber Funeral Home for the body to be cremated. Here Bond meets a rather unconvincing Morton Slumber, head of the home where the diamonds are recovered.

As Bond walks into the garden of remembrance he picks up the envelope containing his payment - $50,000. However, Bond is struck on the head by Mr Wint and Mr Kidd and taken back inside. Bond is then grimly put into a coffin and sent into the oven to be cremated. In a suspenseful sequence Bond is clearly worried as smoke starts to enter the coffin. Bonds life is only saved when Shady Tree and Morton Slumber realise the diamonds are fake, and they need Bond alive to make the exchange for the real diamonds.


Morton Slumber is a not very convincing as he greets Bond too enthusiastically and with false premise. Slumber takes part in the double cross with Shady Tree but apart from playing his role as the sad, sympathetic director, he says little else. §


Morton Slumber (David Bauer)
Morton Slumber (David Bauer)
Morton Slumber (David Bauer)

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