W. G. Howe (Daniel Benzali)

W. G. Howe (Daniel Benzali)


W. G. Howe played by Daniel Benzali

Born in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil on 20th January 1950

Starred In A View To A Kill (1985)


Bond pays a visit to meet Howe as he is investigating Max Zorin's oilfields in the area. As the lift doors close as he is about to leave, he notices Stacey Sutton, the woman he met at Zorin's Château earlier in the film.

After convincing Stacey of his intentions, she tells him that Howe fired her after getting to close to the truth regarding Zorin. However, later in the film when Zorin catches Bond and Stacey at City Hall, he kills Howe in cold blood framing his death on Bond.


Californian director of Oil and Mines at City Hall, He employs Stacey Sutton. Howe works as a paid insider for Zorin, covering up all his illegal activities on his oil pumping stations and various other dubious activities. Almost looking up to Zorin, Howe finds it hard to understand that he is a dead man when Zorin is describing Bond and Stacey's death. §


W. G. Howe (Daniel Benzali)
W. G. Howe (Daniel Benzali)

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