Quist (Bill Cummings)

Quist (Bill Cummings)


Quist played by Bill Cummings

Starred In Thunderball (1965)


Quist played by Bill Cummings is perhaps one of SPECTRE's less useful agents. Given orders by Emilio Largo to assassinate James Bond, Quist breaks into Bonds apartment and hides in the shower awaiting his target. However Bond realises someone has entered his apartment and scalds Quist with hot water. After letting in Felix Leiter, he tells Quist to run back to his master.

Not pleased with his embarrassing failure, Largo tells his men to throw Quist into his shark pool where he nastily becomes lunch.


It seems unusual for SPECTRE to employ someone of Quists standard. While Quist waits for Bond in his hotel room, he curiously chooses to wait in the shower when there would be more easier and practical places to hide and wait for your target. When Largo orders Quist thrown into his shark pool, Quist tries to explain but fails to convince him. §


Quist (Bill Cummings)
Quist (Bill Cummings)

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